LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias

The Power of the Wind in the Palm of Your Hand

Experience even more magic and wonder in the sequel to the award-winning LostWinds. Harness new abilities and control the changing of the seasons to help Toku and Enril find Toku’s missing mother. Dark magic lurks in the heart of Summerfalls, and only Toku can lift the curse to end the eternal state of winter.

LostWinds bundle

The Blossom Edition includes both the award-winning 'LostWinds' game, and the sequel 'LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias'.

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  • Control the Seasons

    All the magic and wonder of the original LostWinds title in a second epic, where players can control the Seasons to aid Toku's adventures.

  • Magical lands

    Instantly transform the magical land of Mistralis between summer and winter, adding a unique and dynamic twist on the award-winning platform-puzzler.

  • New abilities

    Introducing new amazing abilities, including the 'cyclone', which can transport Toku, smash powerful enemies, and even drill through the rocks of Mistralis' diverse and richly interactive areas.